Nordic Light Hotel

Vasaplan 7, Stockholm, 10137, Sweden

Hotel description


Nordic Light Hotel is Stockholm's design hotel; a place that comes in a sleek, stylish wrapping with a warm, generous soul inside. Our Nordic approach means we regard good design more as a way of life than the way things are. We see it as our mission to welcome you into an environment of strong personalities and innovative design. Sense the personality of the hotel - independent and self- confident, smart, creative, flirtatious, yet above all unpretentious. Nordic Light Hotel was accepted right from the start as a member of Design Hotels. Our in-house designers Jan Söder and Lars Pihl found their inspiration in an element strongly associated with Scandinavia - light. The special qualities of the Nordic Light are many: Maybe you have heard of the Northern Lights, the midnight sun or the lack of daylight in the winter? The long dawns and sunsets, creating innumerable shades of glowing colour, also add to the Nordic Light experience. The light can be sensed from the moment you step into our hotel. Experience a changeable atmosphere created by hundreds of different sources of light, varying in colour and intensity. The changes in seasons are automatically reflected in your surroundings, due to the carefully designed interplay of artificial and natural light.

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